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Premium Piano Selection is your trusted piano store with 9 plus years of reliable service in the Singapore piano industry. We want to give you the best piano for your buck. Cheap used pianos are easy to find, but a used piano that will last is a true keeper.


That is why we only sell used Yamaha and Kawai pianos. Our pianos are the real deal from Japan—made in Japan, refurbished in Japan, and air-flown from Japan. Every piano is handpicked, inspected, tuned, regulated, and cleaned by our established piano refurbishing partner in Japan. We stand by the top quality of our pianos. Every piano comes with a 10-year warranty on all parts.

The Best Piano for Your Needs and Budget

At Premium Piano Selection, we get the greatest joy from helping you pick a piano that best fits your needs and budget. We know that a brand new piano doesn’t come cheap. Of course, you wouldn’t want a used piano with no warranty guarantee either.


As piano lovers, we want to offer you the best of both worlds: price and quality. Get a top quality used piano without the costly price tag, plus a 10-year warranty. Sounds too good to be true? Come visit our store today for the Premium Piano Selection experience!


Brands We Carry

Yamaha and Kawai are household names when it comes to pianos. What you may not know is that many of their great pianos hail from the 1960s and the 1980s. That’s right, new doesn’t always mean better.


Up until the 1980s, Yamaha and Kawai made all their pianos in Japan. For Yamaha, many of these were well-built pianos with high quality soundboards, hammers, wooden pedal mechanisms (for upright pianos), and mostly wooden action parts. As for Kawai, the piano maker has always been known for its modern take on the piano art form, pioneering the idea of new materials and designs for the piano.


Today, many of the new Yamaha and Kawai pianos from their basic lines are made outside of Japan. So, if you can’t afford the higher-end Yamaha or Kawai pianos that are still made in Japan today, we think that our used pianos are clearly the better deal. We take great care to restore these pianos to their former glory. Yes, pianos that are great to touch with full, rich tone quality. Come experience the premium difference in our second-hand pianos at our showroom.


    5 star review  Excellent service by Mark! Have been looking for piano for my mom to fulfill her wish. Thank you for your professional advise and a wide range of choices for us to select within our budget. Recommended to all friends who are looking to purchase piano. Post service were great too, the delivery guys were very careful with handling the piano and help us moved several times before we find the perfect location to place it in our house. He even got someone to come to tune it for us. Lots varieties of piano to choose. Excellent service and quality of products!

    thumb Shi Yao Zhang

    5 star review  Was served by Mr Bryan and no doubt he is one of the kindest salesman I've ever met !!!!! He was very passionate in helping my niece find a suitable piano and he kept his smile on even tho we took quite a long time to make up our minds on which piano we wanted. Thank you Mr Bryan for all the professional advice. I definitely had a wonderful first-time experience in Premium Piano Selection ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!!

    thumb Jaren Choong

    5 star review  It was an awesome experience to view a piano showroom that is filled with so many selection, service was wonderful. Although i did not manage to purchase one piano from them due to my own personal issues, their salesman was still patience with me through the whole process. Helping me to figure out my needs and wants, the service provided was definitely better than other used pianos companies i went to. The spectacular range of pianos they provide made me had a jaw opening e... xperience too, ain't like any typical piano shops out there which only has a few pianos for you to try out. Hope this review, can help visitors of this web page to make a better choice, in which piano shop they should look for.

    thumb Cecilia Neo

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