Piano Rental

Corporate or Private Events

Make your event a memorable one with warm, beautiful piano music. Whether it is a cocktail party at your home, your daughter’s wedding, an office party, or a corporate function, we can provide the perfect finishing touch with our choice of rental pianos.


Premium Piano Selection has been the preferred provider of baby grand, upright, and digital pianos for many of our clients. Our clientele includes local companies, radio stations, advertisers, and individuals.


Rent-to-Own Programme

We introduced the Rent-to-Own Programme to help beginners who can’t afford the full price of a piano. You decide to own one when you’re ready to commit! We know that buying a piano can be a major decision. Our Rent-to-Own Programme is a great way for you to plan your musical journey and figure out your options before taking the plunge.


From Rent to Own: You can decide to buy the piano you are renting at any time. The purchase price is locked in at the time you rent. You have our guarantee that we will beat any piano dealer’s price in Singapore.


Piano Tuning

Just like any other instrument, pianos can go out of tune. The soundboard and bridges expand and contract as the weather changes. Tuning corrects these changes in string tension. The right alignment keeps your piano in tip-top shape so that you won’t lose the value of your piano.


If you play your piano frequently, we recommend tuning it at least two to four times a year. Even if you hardly play your piano, you should still tune it at least once a year.


Piano Regulation

Piano regulation is the process of restoring the piano to its optimal precision. This is different from tuning. Regulation improves the feel of a piano’s action. Regulation includes adjustments to the blow distance, the “let off” distance, and the repetition springs. The result is a more responsive piano in terms of its sound, action, and touch. Say goodbye to stiff keys that jam up when you play the piano.


Our piano technicians offer piano regulation services for upright and grand pianos. We can also help you with keyboard weight adjustments if needed.


Piano Transportation

Getting a piano is a big investment. Whether you’re buying or renting one, you want to make sure that your piano reaches your destination safe and sound. Improper handling can result in permanent damages to the piano’s soundboard, tuning board, piano action, or even exterior dents and scratches. We don’t want that to ruin your event. Or your newly bought piano.


Premium Piano Selection has a team of experienced piano movers. Our piano movers have over 20 years of experience in moving and handling pianos. We’ve delivered pianos safely to many different locations, so you can count on us.